Sustainability needs a rebrand. More Love Less Waste wants to change the narrative that it’s hard and expensive, or that the planet has the time for us to start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
Let’s rethink how and what we buy, so we can all create less waste and save the planet. You don’t need to turn your life upside down or tackle all aspects of this HUGE topic. We bring you tips, advice and things to ponder from founders, thought leaders and people that are really passionate about climate change.

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We try our best to make talking about sustainability fun and lighthearted (I can’t promise that there won’t be a few stats!) and if you like the conversation you should join us over on our Facebook Group.

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MLLW Episode 1 – Starting a Sustainable(ish) Life with Jen Gale  

Aaaaand finally, we have launched the More Love, Less Waste podcast! Thanks for joining us.  ‘The greatest human driver of the climate crisis is now the high levels of consumer consumption’. That stat is so important because it reminds us of the impact that each and every household has on the planet. Yes it’s true …

MLLW Episode 2 – Avoiding Food Waste with The Lagom Chef

New episode of the More Love Less Waste podcast explores ways to avoid household food waste. ‘70% of all food waste in the UK comes from homes’. This may seem shocking, but think about all the food you’ve bought that has ended up stale, mouldy, rotten, or something that you just don’t fancy anymore. Whether …