Drumroll please… we have officially launched the More Love Less Waste podcast!

Would you love to live in a way that is kinder to the planet, but just not sure where to start? Do you worry about a sustainable lifestyle being too expensive or time consuming? Well it doesn’t have to be and I’m here to show you that! The More Love Less Waste podcast is all about making those small, simple changes that can make a big difference.

Hi! I’m Carley, founder of Y’earn, a marketplace to rent items from local people and sustainable businesses or make money on things you’re not using at the moment. My journey into exploring a sustainable lifestyle started a couple of years ago, while moving between apartments and struggling to know what to do with the furniture I no longer needed but others could use. I knew there had to be a simpler way to transition through life’s biggest moments, not only for our peace of mind, but also for our planet. So that’s how Y’earn was born, and with it comes the More Love Less Waste community, which is all about helping each other through the BIG and often wasteful moments in life. 

As a global community, we have all been forced into living pressured, fast-paced lifestyles where convenience reigns king. It feels like there’s just not enough time for us to stop, take a breather, and reflect on the impact that our consumption is having on the planet. But I’ve learnt that adjusting my daily habits wasn’t as hard or time consuming as I thought it would be and I want to help everyone in taking just little steps, just one small change at a time, to collectively live more sustainably.

On the More Love Less Waste podcast, I’m talking to innovative founders, thought leaders and people who are really passionate about living more sustainably and helping others do so too. Our goal is to give some tips that will hopefully get you thinking about your habits, and maybe convince you to change some too. Anything you pick up or learn from the podcast can also influence the people around you! We can all be a part of the ripple effect that builds into a community protecting the environment through reusing, recycling and reducing waste. What I really hope is that by listening to the podcast then you, yes YOU, can realise the positive impact and influence you can have every single day.

More Love Less Waste is a phrase that truly encapsulates our ethos. It helps us focus on spreading tips and helpful advice with our friends and family to tackle issues ranging from fast fashion to food waste. Here’s a breakdown of what it means and the guests that will bring it to life: 

More Love

This is about having more love for the planet, our community and what we already own. It means taking the time to think about how and what we buy, while exploring new practices that are kinder to the environment. It’s also about giving to businesses that align with the things we love.

Less Waste

We’re not just talking about things ending up in landfill. Waste can be anything dumped in the loft or garage that other families could use instead of buying them new. Y’earn focuses on how we can lower all types of waste: products, money, time and the planet’s finite resources.

Example Guests

Jen Gale, author of The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide, discusses how families can change their habits to live more sustainably and encourage those around them to do so in a non-judgemental way.

Martyn Odell, aka Lagom Chef, explains the massive impact that food waste has on climate change and how households can help tackle this issue through planning and organisation.

Marcela Rivas, co-founder of No Waste Jose, details the benefits of zero waste refill delivery services in reducing the consumption of single-use plastics.

Tessa Clarke, co-founder and CEO of OLIO, chats about the massive contribution that households have towards food waste and how we can share our food that otherwise will not be used.

Why Tune In?

Listen to our teaser to find out what to expect from each episode. (ADD SPOTIFY BAR)

Our goal is to rethink how and what we buy, so we can all create less waste and be kinder to the planet. You don’t need to turn your life upside down or tackle all aspects of this HUGE topic. Simply subscribe and absorb some tips, tricks and things to ponder from founders, thought leaders and people that are passionate about tackling climate change. 

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We try our best to make talking about sustainability fun and lighthearted (I can’t promise that there won’t be a few stats!) and if you like the conversation you should join us over on our Facebook Group.
Or visit Y’earn and rent Baby & Kids items today – furniture and homewares are coming soon!