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More Love Less Waste #2 – Sustainable Purchasing Habits

Welcome back to the More Love Less Waste blog series! It’s great to see you again. Are you ready to talk about sustainable purchasing? If you missed the first article, you may want to have a quick read to remind yourself about why we should consider living in a more eco-friendly way. We warn you, …

Who is Actually Using the Sharing Economy? (Available on Medium)

There are many benefits to the sharing economy, which the UK population is increasingly taking advantage of. Think about the ease of giving away or selling your goods with online services, the ability to car share with apps such as Uber and Lyft, or even the simplicity of renting out your home while you’re away …

Top Tips to Start Refilling and Reusing (for World Refill Day 2022)

The 16th of June is a big day. Not only does it mark the 59th anniversary of the first woman in space and the 119th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company, but it’s also World Refill Day 2022! A global campaign that aims to “prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste”, it’s …

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