Best environmentally friendly products for kids and parents (for Global Day of Parents)

The United Nations set aside June 1 of every year as the Global Day of Parents.

It’s a day to recognise and celebrate how hard parents work to raise their children. 

We know it’s not easy all of the time. You have nine months of worrying about your unborn baby’s health, then you have to interpret your baby’s cries. (Hunger? Tiredness? Dirty nappy? Snuffy nose?) 

Before you know it, you’re teaching your teenager how to drive. 

You have a lot to remember and do as a parent. And sometimes being sustainable and eco-friendly is the last thing on your mind. 

For this year’s Global Day of Parents, Y’earn wants to help by advising some of the best eco-friendly products for parents to use for and with their kids.

Hygiene Products for Babies

Keeping a baby clean can generate a lot of waste.  

British parents throw away an estimated 3 billion disposable nappies every year. That’s responsible for up to 3% of all landfill waste.

But hygiene is a big deal because your baby needs to stay clean to stay healthy. 

Luckily, there are plenty of eco-friendly options for baby hygiene products.

For example, did you know that reusable cloth nappies only use an estimated 2.7 kg of raw materials versus 120 kg of all the disposable nappies used? That difference is pretty crazy, right?

Bambino Mio Miosolo all-in-one reusable nappies are a great choice because they are absorbent and clean easily. Emma Bunton (also known as Scary Spice, of course) offers Kit & Kin reusable nappies made from cloth and recycled plastic bottles.

For biodegradable baby wipes, we recommend Pura, one of the top brands you’ll find on store shelves. They are 100% compostable and made from 99 percent water with organic aloe vera. Also look out for biodegradable waste bags from Onya (we realise they are marketed as dog poop bags). But these bags are great for when you’re out and about and you need to dispose of poopy wipes in a pinch.

Baby Care Items

Eco-friendly hygiene products are great. But what about looking after your baby?

Keep your youngster close with the Amawrap baby sling, made of 100% natural cotton. It comes in many colours and designs, and it safely holds babies up to 15kg (2 stone 3 lbs) and 3 years old!

Feeding your baby is as regular as changing nappies. Consider Dr. Brown’s anti-colic glass baby bottles as an alternative to plastic. Pharmaceutical-grade tempered glass withstands high heat and cold temperatures, from the fridge to the dishwasher. They last forever and are recyclable when your baby outgrows bottles. 

Eco-Friendly Baby Toys 

As a parent, you need toys to help your baby develop their mind and body. 

Green Toys manufactures its eco-friendly products from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, saving tonnes of milk jugs and yogurt containers from landfills. They also uses food-safe, mineral-based colourings. Their tugboat is a best seller!

If you prefer wooden toys, Bella Luna creates its blocks and whimsical, colourful puzzles from sustainably sourced forests.

Okonorm’s watercolour paint set is perfect for developing your baby’s artistic side. The colours come from plant-based sources. 

Doing arts and crafts together is a great way for you to bond with your little ones.

Inspire science and engineering with this Build Your Own eco-friendly paper plane launcher. The kit comes with directions on how to make awesome paper planes. Then watch their imaginations take off.

Meal Time & Bed Time

Food and sleep are both vitally important to your youngster’s development.

Look for sustainable dinnerware by babyU, made from eco-friendly bamboo. You’ll find plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery designed from this fast-growing plant. Items made from bamboo are some of the best eco-friendly products you’ll find.

For when your baby or young one needs a bath, check out our guide on how to keep bath time eco-friendly.

Have your baby sleep more comfortably with Wildflower & Oak’s linen cot sheets. Hand-dyed in Melbourne, Australia, every purchase of these luxurious cotton fitted sheets supports midwives in Haiti.

Get More With Our Green Parenting Tips

Celebrate Global Day of Parents every day with some more green parenting tips.

Rather than take a car, hop on a bike. Not only will you get a workout, but a baby seat attached to the back of your bike keeps your youngster secure as you pedal along. Walking with a baby stroller also gets your baby out for some fresh air. Take a look at some of the bundles Y’earn has to offer to rent these items at great prices.

Make homemade baby food rather than purchase it from the store. It’s simple with fresh ingredients like carrots, spinach, apples, and oats. Mash them up, boil them down, and cool them off. Carrot fingers make great snacks for your teething youngster!

You can also check out our guides on the best ethically sourced products and the best low waste personal care and hygiene products for more on how to wind down as a parent in an eco-friendly way.

Buying or renting second-hand baby clothing creates a circular supply chain while keeping more clothing out of landfills

Y’earn offers the perfect way to rent baby and kids items as a way to reuse products for kids. Our marketplace lets parents rent from local people, so you can live more sustainably as you raise your kids. Or you can make money from items you no longer need and help a local family – and the planet!

If you’re interested in sustainability, make sure to check out our comprehensive guide on living a more eco-friendly lifestyle in 2022.

And don’t forget to enjoy Global Day of Parents 2022! Go out their and celebrate your achievements by having some eco-friendly fun with your kids.

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