The best ethically sourced products (for World Fair Trade Day)

World Fair Trade Day is upon us (Saturday, 14 May, 2022)!

This year’s theme is about climate justice.

So there’s no better way to celebrate World Fair Trade Day than to talk about and purchase fair trade products to support international products that are eco-friendly.

Why do we recognise World Fair Trade Day?

Fairtrade and World Fair Trade Day aim to celebrate fair trade around the world while encouraging consumers (like us!) to choose Fairtrade products labelled as such, so we can become fair and ethical consumers. How does Fairtrade help local people in foreign countries?

Fairtrade is everywhere, and it helps local people and farmers earn a fair wage for their labour.

Here are some fair trade facts:

  • Fairtrade is an organisation in 71 countries spread throughout Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia.
  • More than 1.9 million farmers and workers are involved in fair trade practices.
  • There are more than 1,880 certified fair trade organisations around the world.
  • More than £169 million were distributed to fair trade workers and farmers in 2020.
  • 47 percent of all fair trade farmers grow coffee.
  • 41 percent of all fair trade workers grow flowers.
Fairtrade products support the workers and suppliers with fair wages and protection, so if you see a product with a Fairtrade logo then it is likely to be a more sustainable option!

Fairtrade items are becoming less costly than they used to be for one simple reason: more and more people are investing in Fairtrade goods. This allows workers and farmers to become more prosperous, which allows them to produce more and sell more, which drives prices down as supply increases. This is a great example of how each of us making small changes can have a ripple effect of positive impact.

Now, you can spend just a little bit more on that beautiful handbag from Uganda and still get a very good deal on a sturdy bag that makes a statement. Every purchase of a Fairtrade item goes to support people in a foreign country who work hard to earn a living.

What are some of the most environmentally friendly Fairtrade products we can buy?

You have a wide variety of Fairtrade products that are eco-friendly.

To start, there is organic fair trade cotton bedding by Dip & Doze. Not only is the cotton organically grown, the buttons on the duvets are made from coconuts. They’re high-quality too, because the elastic is extra durable on the fitted sheets.

Beauty care products can also be fair trade and eco-friendly. Odylique Lipstick is cruelty-free, 100 percent natural, and comes from botanical ingredients. These lipsticks are certified by the Soil Association and fair trade.

Best Fairtrade Coffee

When you think of Fairtrade, you probably think of coffee first.

CafeDirect is a UK-based distributor of 100% Colombian coffee grown in the famous Machu Picchu region of Peru. All of the varieties are certified organic. They also sell tea.

Percol was the first ground coffee to be Fairtrade certified. Also made from Colombian beans, you can find their coffee packets in many markets all over Britain.

Coffee pods are everywhere. And Cru Kafe has eco-friendly, organic coffee in many flavours in your favourite pods. Even the pods are organic and biodegradable!

Aspretto comes from food service giant Sodexo. Beans come from half a dozen countries and are packaged as single-origin roasts.

Grounds for Change is organic, carbon-free, and fair trade coffee. The company has several programmes, including one that supports women coffee growers around the world.

Best Fairtrade Teas

Suki Tea is the first British tea company to hold triple certified status as  organic, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance-certified. They are also a plastic-free company. 

Clipper is the world’s largest Fairtrade tea company, supporting more than 114,000 tea farmers all over the world. And their products are certified organic with several flavours to choose from.

Best Fairtrade Chocolate 

Seed & Bean has many varieties of organic, single-origin chocolate, including milk chocolate that’s dairy-free!

Green & Black’s also features organic chocolates that also make great gifts for the chocolate lover in your life.

Tony’s works with 8,900 cocoa farmers, and the company has sold more than 46 million chocolate bars to support those farmers. 

Divine Chocolate is co-owned by cocoa farmers who get a share of the profits.

Best Fairtrade Baby Food

Piccolo features organic, fair trade baby food made from real ingredients (no fillers) that are nutritionally balanced for your kids. 

For more on this, check out our blog on the best sustainable food brands.

Best Fairtrade Alcohol

Best to keep this one on the down-low. Sip these delicious fair trade treats for some adult-themed celebrations.

Marks & Spencer has a few varieties of Fairtrade wine, including this full-bodied red from Argentina.

Sainsbury’s carries nearly a dozen Fairtrade wines hailing from all over the world, including an organic, no-sulphur variety and one from South Africa.

Co-Op has the best selection of any Fairtrade wines in Britain. 

Best Non Food & Drink Fairtrade Items

Consider some non food and drink Fairtrade items to round out your shopping list for Fair Trade Day 2022.

Dedicated has fashion choices in organic cotton for men and women, including summer dresses perfect for going to hot nightclubs to party long into the night. 

ArenaFlowers combine roses with other blooms for bright, colourful arrangements grown by fair trade-certified farmers. As a bonus, you get to impress your sweetheart on World Fair Trade Day with this purchase.

White Stuff also has plenty of fashionable, fair trade clothing for men, women, and children.

People Tree is another fair trade fashion option for this year with beautiful, colourful threads.

Ingle & Rhode features fair trade gold (yes, we said gold) and jewellery from small mining operations to produce beautiful rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Check out our blog on the very best low waste hygiene products for more inspiration.

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day on May 14!

There are many ways to celebrate World Fair Trade Day this year, and we’ve given you more than 20 great products for your shopping pleasure. 

There are so many great fruits and vegetables available in supermarkets that are Fairtrade.

All of them make it easy to switch out at least one of your items with a fair trade product that supports workers in foreign countries and the environment. As always, we hope this blog inspires you to make one small change that becomes a new habit… and you keep exploring new and simple ways to help create More Love, Less Waste.

There are also other ways you can support small businesses supplying eco-friendly products. Check out our blog on how to make the most out of your local establishments!

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