How to Design the Best Playroom for Maximum Fun (and Sustainability!)

Scheduled activities for the kids certainly have their place. Of course activities like swimming lessons and the chance to learn a favourite instrument can provide invaluable learning. But why does thinking through unique playroom ideas matter so much for your kids?

Research has shown that unstructured, freely chosen play, however, is also essential for kids of all ages. Playing with friends or engaging in solo play gives kids that opportunity to learn and grow intellectually and physically.  This can be fostered in so many ways, but one of the essentials is providing kids with a fantastic space in which to stretch those big imaginations.

Having a play area designed in a way that grows with your child and doesn’t need changing every few years can be invaluable. Studies show that about 8.5 tonnes of perfectly fine new toys end up in landfill each year in the UK, resulting in millions of toys tossed simply because no one in the household is playing with them any longer.

But getting inspirational playroom ideas on your own is tough. Here are our top tips for creating a timeless sustainable play area your kids will love for years to come. 

Indulge in timeless playroom themes

When it comes to playroom ideas, go for neutral colours and natural storage. Skip the rainbows and monster trucks when decorating the room’s walls and favour timeless playroom wallpaper such as stripes, or opt for VOC paint. This approach will look great to the kids at age 3 and 13.  

Current top trends include decorating with removable wall decals or creating a chalkboard wall so the kids can design the look on their own. 

A simple bright colour scheme can be a great way to capture your kid’s attention for a long time.

Using washable slipcovers for furniture, as well as easy-to-clean carpets can help the space look clean and fresh with a simple toss in the laundry. 

Other popular ideas in playroom décor include creating a “nap time” area that can later be transformed into a “hang out” space for teens, and installing indoor playground equipment like swings, a slide, or a climbing structure. 

Does your child love being the centre of attention? Design a mini-stage in the corner for your budding vocalist. 

Choose play things that grow with your child 

Some toys are more age specific than others. A mixture of both can be useful but ensuring you have those that can last for years to come can be a big help. Art supplies like pencils and paints can grow in use with your child. Musical instruments can do the same. Frames for displaying your child’s art throughout the years can be changed as they grow, reflecting their changing style and skill level.  

Opt for sustainable materials

Did you know that as much as 80% of toys end up in landfill, incinerators, or the ocean? This means that sustainable alternatives will be much less harmful for the environment. Woven storage baskets, sustainable toys made from wood, and sustainable furniture allow you to create a soothing environment for your child while decreasing any harmful waste. These choices also help you lead by example. Talk with your child about why wooden dolls, dollhouses, trucks, and train sets can make a difference for the environment, as opposed to buying plastic items. 

Wooden toys are a great sustainable option that your kids will love.

Do they “absolutely need” the latest brand name cartoon toy? Search for it online. It’s surprising how many other families are getting rid of the very same thing your child wants and at a reduced cost, or even for free. 

Choose furniture that also grows with your child

Looking for chairs and tables? Spring for an adjustable desk and changeable chair that can be used for colouring today and homework down the road. Once your child is out of the toddler years then they may require a tiny table suited to their size, adjustable furniture can be perfect to suit their changing needs. 

When it comes to designing the best playroom for your child, reusing what already exists in the world is the most sustainable option. With Y’earn, you no longer have to buy everything and throw it out when you’re through with it. 

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Contact us today to learn how easy it is to get started! Sustainability really is possible. 

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