The Very Best Low Waste Personal Care and Hygiene Products

You’re in a pickle.

You love the environment, have David Attenborough’s dulcet tones running riot in your mind and feel more determined than ever to live an eco-friendly existence.

But you also love looking after yourself with a rigorous personal care routine!

Looking around the local supermarket though, all you see is single-use plastic products shipped from thousands of miles away. Most of them have non-organic, non-vegan chemical ingredients you can’t even pronounce as well.

And then there’s that statistic you heard about 1.5 billion sanitary items getting flushed in the UK every year…

So, what on earth do you do?!

Well, don’t panic. You no longer have to sacrifice your ethical standards to keep up with your hair care regime! Thanks to the wide range of innovative sustainable products hitting the shelves these days, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds.

Today, we’ll be discussing some of these awesome low waste hygiene products that are gracing bathroom cupboards across the UK already! Let’s dive in.

Innovative Sustainable Products for Women

Ladies, it’s time to ditch those single-use sanitary pads and bid farewell to beauty products laden with nasty non-renewable plastics and chemicals. Your skin, your hair and the environment deserve better! Here are a few beauty brands and innovative sustainable products to use instead:


Mooncup is a match made in heaven for your menstrual cycle. Small, soft, foldable, and reusable, these widely popular medical-grade silicone menstrual cups do away with the need for disposable sanitary products. They last for years too, which reduces waste and saves you bundles of money in the process.

Voted one of the top 10 ethical brands/companies in the world and certified by the Vegan Society, eco-friendly businesses don’t get much better. FYI, we love Mooncup so much we even have an upcoming podcast episode with them!

Wild Deodorant

Nobody wants BO. But do we really want the volatile toxic compounds in classic aerosol deodorants instead? It’s a ‘no’ from us!

That’s where Wild comes in. Their sustainable natural deodorants have zero aluminium, no parabens, offering plastic-free and compostable refills. Oh, and they deliver their delightful deodorants straight to your door!

UpCircle Beauty

Imagine the eco-friendliest line of skincare products possible. It’d have to be natural and sustainable for starters. And you’d want it to be refillable, vegan, cruelty-free and have no plastic packaging to boot. Is that too much to ask though?

No! It’s exactly what you get with UpCircle Skincare. From moisturisers to night creams, these products are as environmentally friendly as it gets (and they also boast thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers)! They even offer unique face scrubs containing leftover coffee grounds sourced from London cafes. Reducing waste while providing great quality beauty products, what could be better? In fact we find UpCircle so impressive that we’ve invited them to an upcoming episode of the More Love Less Waste podcast.

Bar soap can be one of the simplest switches towards sustainable hygiene products.

Low Waste Hygiene Products for Men

Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered too. Here are 3 eco-friendly men’s grooming kit products and brands to start stocking today.

Korres Shampoo

With their olive-toned skin and luscious brown locks, the Greeks know a thing or two about beauty. But it turns out they’re also pretty good at crafting environmentally-friendly personal care products! Case and point?

Korres. This world-renowned beauty brand’s committed to using clean and natural ingredients in its products- all of which are made locally (“from seed to skin”) in Greece. Their shampoo for men receives particularly rave reviews…

Badger’s Shaving Kit

Good news: getting rid of your whiskers doesn’t have to harm the environment anymore! From their pre-shave balm to their soap and aftershave tonic, Badger’s organic shaving kits have everything you need for the perfect shave.

Unlike other brands, though, they:

  • Come in glass bottles with recyclable plastic lids
  • Have USDA certified organic formulas
  • Have no chemicals, synthetics, GMOs or any other nasties, and
  • Are made by a family-owned and run company in the US that supports independent farmers

Bond & Bond Beard Oil

Looking for some beard oil to tame the big bushy beard beneath your chin?

Try the clean, gentle, and plant-based options available from Nathalie Bond- a small UK business in the Conwyn Valley of North Wales. Made from a blend of natural oils, these handmade products are safe for your skin and the planet!

There are so many different types of sustainable hygiene products out there to try!

General Low Waste Personal Care Products for Adults

Last but not least, here’s a quick-fire rundown of some low waste personal care products that anybody could use, enjoy, and benefit from.

Hydro Phil Cotton Buds

People in England use around 1.8 billion plastic-stemmed cotton buds every year. Thankfully, Hydro Phil’s stepped up to tackle the problem. Their eco-friendly ear buds are 100% biodegradable, free from plastic, and packaged in a recycled cardboard box!

The Soap Co.

This ethical brand crafts and sells beauty products that are both luxurious and good for the world. In other words, it’s winning at life. The company provides jobs for disadvantaged people, makes everything in the UK, uses recycled packaging and takes all sorts of other steps to minimise their impact on the environment.


Weleda could be the biggest eco-friendly brand you’ve never heard of! Represented in 50 countries on 5 continents, it offers customers a century of expertise in the realm of sustainable personal care, natural cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Try These Sustainable Hygiene Products Today

Finding ways to balance your beauty and personal care regime with the wish to do right by the environment isn’t always easy.

But, thank goodness, it’s getting easier!

With a growing number of innovative sustainable products hitting the shelves every year, we can now stock our cupboards with high-quality items and effective treatments that also protect our beautiful planet. We hope this article has introduced you to a few of them.At Y’earn, we’re on a mission to help parents transition to a more sustainable lifestyle through a unique rental service. If you’re searching for personal hygiene products for your kids, then click here for our guide to an eco-friendly bath time!

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