Top Energy Saving Tips for Busy Parents

Being busy goes with the territory when you’re a parent. There are hungry mouths to feed and endless chores to do, sometimes while trying to hold down your day job! Social life, you ask? What social life!? So where does energy saving possibly fit in?

Given your hectic schedule, it’s wholly understandable if “making sustainable changes” isn’t at the top of your to-do list.

Enter this article.

We wanted to put a post full of quick-n-easy energy-saving tips together to help busy parents create an eco-friendly home, without putting undue strain on their time, energy, or purse strings!

Let’s dive in…

Energy Saving Facts and Stats

Many people question whether small household changes make a difference when it comes to the environment. After all, the ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, deforestation’s rampant, and plastic waste is everywhere!

Is turning your lights off when you leave the room really going to help? In a word, yes! Trust us, a little goes a long way- especially when everyone chips in. Here are some reassuring facts and stats from to prove it:

1. We could save enough electricity every year to power the UK’s street lights for

almost 7 months if everyone simply boiled the amount of water they really

required when using the kettle (so no more full kettles for a single cup of tea!)

2. Your laptop could be using up to 85% less electricity than your desktop

3. Turning the temperature on your thermostat down by a single degree can

save almost £100 per year.

4. LED bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional halogen bulbs

COP26 and the Need for Change

As you probably know, a crucial environmental conference, COP26, happened in Glasgow at the end of last year.

There, diplomats and ministers from countries around the world met to discuss the current climate (literally!) and set goals on how to avert future catastrophe. There were mixed outcomes, but progress was definitely made! For example, according to Forbes:

46 countries endorsed a pledge to end coal power generation by 2040

$100 billion will go to support the “green transition” in developing countries

Gasoline and diesel vehicles will be phased out by 2040

…And many more!

So where does this leave us?

As we said, relatively small household changes can and do have a big positive impact. They also act as a catalyst for change and make you start thinking of other ways you can waste less of the resources the world is using at a pace than it is making.

And, if we’re ever going to hit the goals set out at COP26 and help our children’s children enjoy the same beautiful planet we’ve been privileged enough to live on, it’s never been more important for us to make them!

Y’earn’s Top Energy Saving Tips

Here are some small changes that we can all make to live more sustainably, despite being so busy each day! Check them out, put them into practice, and begin your very own green journey today:

Put on another jumper before turning up the heating

Use energy-efficient LED bulbs

Turn your appliances off when they’re not in use to avoid the “phantom load” 

Open your curtains in the daytime to let the sun heat your home

Close your curtains at night for added insulation

Shut the doors around the house to keep the heat inside

Plug any gaps around your windows and doors

Install better insulation in the attic to prevent excessive heat loss

Turn off heating and lights in any rooms that aren’t being used

Only use your washing machine when you have a full load

Wash your clothes on a 30-degree cycle instead of 40 or 60

Steer clear of energy-sapping tumble dryers whenever possible

Skip the bath in favour of a shower

Cut your shower time to reduce water consumption

Avoid overfilling your kettle

Ensure your dishwasher’s full before using it

Insulate (or improve the insulation for) your water tank, radiators, and pipes

five bulb lights
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