Boys nursery and bedroom styles for 2022

First off, congratulations on welcoming your beautiful baby boy into the world! What a crazy and incredible time. You’re bound to be rushed off your feet, adapting to a new life with your little man around and ensuring he has everything he needs to thrive. In fact, you might be SO busy that you haven’t had time to put much thought into your boy’s nursery decor yet! You’ve got the crib and the changing table, the rocking chair and the bedding…but the actual decorations might still be somewhat Spartan.

If that’s the case, or you’re simply searching for some baby boys nursery ideas, then you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a post full of the latest and greatest boys’ nursery and bedroom styles for 2022.

We hope it helps!

Nursery room trends change with the times. Want to make the most of your little bundle of joy’s special space? Check out these 5 top design ideas for 2022:

1. Prioritise Comfort

This one might sound more practical than trendy in nature. But, by all accounts, comfort’s king as far as trends in 2022 go. It makes sense too.

After all, comfort and safety are always a priority for your baby’s nursery! Make it your mission to control the amount of light that gets in (thick curtains excel here), make it as quiet as possible (try laying rugs on the floor), and keep the air fresh with some attractive house plants. 

2. Use Kid-Friendly Feature Walls

Feature walls add a splash of colour and fun to any nursery. Better still, with a blank canvas at your disposal, you can get super creative! Whether you paint a special “mountain escape” scene or a scene from a famous cartoon, it’ll provide the perfect backdrop to your baby boy’s bedroom space.

3. Make It Meaningful

You love your baby boy to the moon and back, so tell him as much! Fill the nursery with small reminders of your affection. From framed wall art with messages of a mother’s love to special family photos, these wonderful additions will surround your child with the love and warmth they need. 

4. Use Bright, Sunny Tones

Neutral colours are universally adored and create a peaceful atmosphere that’s ideal when you have young (and tired!) children. However, there’s nothing stopping you from livening up your nursery décor by painting them in bright, sunny shades of yellow! A joyful colour if ever there was one, it’ll fill the room with positivity.

5. Apply a Theme

Last but not least, why not come up with a special theme to apply to the nursery décor? Whether it’s a zoo theme, a jungle theme, a sky theme (e.g. fluffy clouds on a blue background), or a nautical theme, it’s an ideal way to add character and personality to the space.

Timeless Nursery Themes

The latest nursery décor trends are all well and good. But sometimes you just can’t beat a classic timeless design that’s been around forever and a day!

Do you tend to prefer traditional styles?

Well, why not stick to the pared-back colours and baby blues that parents have used for decades? Earthy tones create a classic look too, as does an all-white theme (with rustic splashes thrown in for good measure)!

Combine those types of hues with a warm rug on the floor, some soft lighting, and a few cuddly toys next to the crib, and you simply can’t go wrong when creating a boys nursery.

brown wooden baby crib near white wooden framed glass window
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Creating a Room that’s Easy to Change

Babies grow up faster than most parents would like them to. Trust us, your beautiful baby boy will be a toddler (and then at school, and then a tween…) before you can say, “My, how you’ve grown”!

The result? It pays (literally) to design a baby boys nursery so that it can be easily adapted as your child gets older. Here are a few ideas to help you do it:

  • Stick with neutral colours and tones
  • Use easy-clean paints for removing any accidents that happen when they’re younger
  • Use sturdy, convertible furnishings (e.g. a crib that converts into a starter bed)
  • Incorporate storage solutions that’ll remain useful over time (e.g. a window seat with storage underneath)

Here’s a post on decorating a tween’s bedroom if you have a girl!

Sustainable ways to design your baby boy’s nursery

Creating a beautiful nursery for your child is great. But creating a beautiful nursery with sustainability at its centre is even better! Here are two top tips on how to do it:

Try Upcycling

Upcycling is the process of giving old items, such as furniture, a new lease of life.

Whether you repaint them, deconstruct them for materials to use elsewhere, or transform them into something totally new (e.g. turning an old sofa into a crib), it means you no longer have to purchase another item! In other words, it’s good for your bank balance and the planet’s dwindling natural resources.

Rent Y’earn Bundles for your boy’s nursery

Another effective way to reduce your consumption is by renting. Enter Y’earn!

Our bundles help new parents get their hands on everything they could possibly need in their new nursery, without having to buy it for themselves. Then, when your child grows older, you simply return the items to us! 

If you already have items your child no longer needs you can rent them to another family and make money from them. This doesn’t have to just be nursery and bedroom furniture and decorations, you can find more details of what you can be earning from here. Y’earn is especially helpful for parents who are planning more children but don’t have the space to store everything in the meantime – let another family get some use from it and give you some hard-earned money back. Y’earn makes it simple by collecting and delivering all items.

Brands that Sell Sustainable Paint and Wallpaper

Following on from our previous section, we thought we’d take a moment to mention the awesome companies who are championing the move toward eco-friendlier paint and boys wallpaper! In your bid for a sustainable nursery, we recommend buying from:

  1. Graphenstone for paint that is free from volatile organic compounds actively absorbs CO2 in the air and comes in recycled (and recyclable) pots.
  2. Little Greene for eco-friendly paint that comes in recyclable tins made from 50% recycled steel and for wallpaper from certified sustainable forests.
  3. Lick for water-based low VOC paint and an all-around sustainable ethos (including a partnership with an ocean-cleaning initiative called 4ocean).

Remember These Nursery Décor and Boys Bedroom Ideas

There you have it, then: a selection of nursery décor tips and ideas to help you create the perfect boys’ nursery in 2022.

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