How To Make Bath Time Eco-Friendly

Bath time is part of your daily routine as a parent – whether full of fun and frolics or a trigger of tantrums! But as an eco-conscious parent, you want to know that your child’s bath time isn’t having a bad impact on the environment or your child’s delicate skin. So how do you make bath time eco-friendly? This is our essential guide to improving the sustainability of your bath routine!

What does Eco-friendly mean?

An eco-friendly lifestyle refers to living in a way which does not cause harm to the environment and helps conserve resources. It includes developing practices and daily habits that raise awareness of the current environmental situation.

In light of being eco-friendly, as parents, you have the responsibility of making sure your family opts for products that are less harmful to our environment without compromising on your needs. Opting for organic, plastic-free and chemical-free products is a brilliant way to do just that! 

Tips for making bath times more eco-friendly

Bath times are all about your child’s hygiene, but there are many products on the market that actually do no favours for your children’s skin or our planet! The use of eco-friendly products in the bathroom helps ensure your child’s delicate skin is well looked after without causing additional harm to our planet. There are many benefits of opting for organic, eco-friendly bath time products including a reduced risk of skin irritation and exposure to chemicals, this is particularly important if your little one has extra sensitive or eczema prone skin. 

If you’re interested in going the extra mile, why not opt for practical decluttered items like soap mesh net, organic cotton towels, and bamboo washcloths, that you can reuse, repurpose and recycle?

Take care of mother nature

There are several aspects to making bath time better for the planet. The excessive packaging material that ends up in landfill is just one aspect. Look for fully recyclable materials, such as glass bottles, and support brands that are taking active steps to reduce the packaging in their products. Some great brands offer the perfect product for the stages after bath time as well, such as reusable baby wipes.

Did you know that the average shower uses 20 gallons of water? While we know that a shower uses less water than a bath, that’s not always an option for your little ones. But watching the length of time you spend in the shower or the amount of water you have in a bath is crucial when it comes to reducing your impact on the environment. Why not also try collecting water in a bucket whilst you wait for your shower to heat up and using it for plants, flushing the loo – anything you need!

Also remember to consider the temperature of the water you’re using. There’s no point in running a scalding hot bath only to have to add cold water or wait for it to cool down before getting your little one in there. Small changes to your bathroom habits can help improve the sustainability of your bath times and the impact you have on the planet.

Go Plastic Free for an eco-friendly bath!

One of the aims of an eco-friendly lifestyle is to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce. This can be achieved by looking for plastic-free products and avoiding unnecessary wastage. 

Unfortunately, plastic is ubiquitous in baby bath products, because it’s easy to clean, waterproof, and relatively indestructible. But there are still non-plastic alternatives we can choose from. 

Instead of plastic toys, consider this wooden Penguin Sailing Boat bath toy from Plan Toys, a carbon-negative toy manufacturer that sells back electricity. Or this lovely Lanco Ocean Bath Set, made from natural rubber which is PVC-free, BPA-free.

Even brushing your teeth can be more environmentally friendly. Swap your traditional plastic toothbrushes for biodegradable bamboo alternatives – both for you and your child! Opt for bathtubs that can be passed on when your child outgrows them, and consider renting one from Y’earn to reduce your carbon footprint even further. 

Zero Waste Advocacy

Refilling your own containers is becoming a more common way to shop and mitigate unnecessary packaging.  An example is Ripple, Cardiff’s first zero-waste store, which lets you place orders online and bring your own bottles as you collect your order, so you don’t have to contribute to all the household bottles being created. Some zero-waste shops act like milk delivery services where they swap empty bottles for reused refilled ones. Check out our blog on which supermarkets have refill stations. 

If refilling isn’t an option for you, consider soap and shampoo bars that are wrapped in recyclable paper rather than plastic. If you do still find yourself needing to buy products in plastic bottles, then buying larger sizes will reduce the number of bottles you get through in a year. 

Eco-friendly baths for all!

From day-old infants to reluctant toddlers, you can find eco-friendly options for your bath time. 

The Good Baby Natural Baby Soap is the perfect example of a non-fragranced organic bar that’s made up of only three oils and shea butter so you’re sure no harmful ingredient touches your little ones’ skin. It’s safe to use on newborn babies, toddlers, and young children. Truthpaste Kids is also available and comes in orange and mint flavors. Its main ingredients of coconut, calendula & aloe vera are all-natural for this toothpaste alternative. Brands also offer organic creams, once kids are dried after bathing like the fragrance-free Weleda White Mallow Body Lotion made up of natural ingredients for hypersensitive skin, and Calendula Baby Oil, an organic baby oil made with sesame oil and calendula that is gentle for daily use.

Avoid fragrances

Chemical fragrances can also trigger irritation. Infants and babies have an underdeveloped respiratory system and they can be affected by inhaling these strong fragrances. As part of bath time, strong-smelling soaps and shampoo may also trigger physical effects. Studies show that kids have greater metabolic rates during their activities, leading to greater inhalation rates and higher inhalation exposure than adults at the same air concentrations. 

Make Your Bathroom Sustainable

Why stop with your children? Include your whole family in living a sustainable life by adapting to a greener lifestyle. Look for products that can be used by babies, kids, and even adults! This will not only reduce waste but also save on expenses and mother earth as well. Your kids deserve all the natural ingredients, and so do you. 

You can start with Georganics Tooth Powder, a toothpaste alternative that is 100% pure and safe for the kids, and Original Sprout Classic Shampoo that’s vegan, natural, organic, sulfate-free, and hypoallergenic – ideal for the whole family! The Nappy Gurus also provide some excellent reusable baby wipes, a great sustainable alternative.

One example is the Hydrophil Soap Pouch soap saver that can also be used as an exfoliator made of natural fibers.When it comes to washing and drying, consider Tabitha Eve Bamboo Terry Wipes which have antibacterial properties, or Moonie Muslin cleansing cloths that are made up of 100% unbleached muslin. They dry quickly and get softer with every wash, plus they are fully compostable when you’re finished with them. Liewood offer 100% organic cotton terry hooded towels that come in different characters and colours.

What are the benefits?

Now that we’ve covered the actions you can take to make bath times more eco-friendly, let’s explore the benefits!

Prevents irritation

Sensitive babies’ skin should be the utmost priority. You don’t want your child to develop rashes because of the harsh ingredients in the products you’re using when washing them. Look for bath items that list all their ingredients and avoid those with harsh chemicals that may hurt your little ones. Remember, those chemicals aren’t just affecting your child’s body and hair – they flow out of your bathwater into the environment.

Rowdykind offers a variety of soaps and shampoo bars that are not only sustainably sourced but also gentle enough for your baby. They contain the optimum pH level that prevents your kids’ thin skin from being stripped and keeps them from getting dry. Their products cleanse and protect your little ones and the environment as well!

Soren’s House offers a fun-filled bath with their natural bath bombs and foaming bath salts. These are specially formulated for children’s sensitive skin that leaves no stain on skin and on the bath. Even the packaging is recyclable and made with vegetable ink print. They’re vegan and cruelty-free, with no preservatives, so you can enjoy your bonding time with your kids.

Naturally antibacterial & antifungal

One of the benefits of opting for eco-friendly bath time products, specifically ones made from bamboo is that they are 100% naturally antibacterial and antifungal. 

Bamboo is a great alternative to both plastic and cotton, making it extremely versatile as it can replace both solid and fabric products used in your child’s bath time routine, not only that but bamboo is also one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet! From toothbrushes to muslin cloths there’s a bamboo alternative for everyone.

Helps reduce water pollution

Not only is opting for organic and eco-friendly products better for your child’s skin but it’s a great way to limit the use of harmful unsustainable materials which ultimately end up in landfills around the world and immensely pollute our water which makes up over 70% of our planet! We don’t often consider where non-recyclable baby products end up after we use them, but making the simple change to eco-friendly products is a great way to reduce dangerous water pollution.

Safer for your child

Not only can some products cause irritation to your child’s skin but they can also have far more detrimental effects such as reduced vitamin absorption, increased chances of developing allergies, and even organ damage. 

Baby and kids products such as lotions can often contain chemicals that consumers aren’t knowledgeable about, including ingredients that in some cases have been found to hinder vitamin absorption which can ultimately lead to vitamin deficiencies. By opting for organic and eco-friendly bath products the risk of this is eliminated. Phthalates are amongst the most commonly found chemicals used in many liquid based products to improve the fragrance, but the worrying part is that they’ve also been known to cause liver and kidney damage. One way to ensure that your child’s products don’t contain these chemicals is to opt for fragrance free products. Alternatively many eco-friendly products are fragranced naturally using essential oils such as lavender, this is a major benefit of choosing eco-friendly bath products as it ensures phthalates don’t enter your little one’s body. For example, reusable baby wipes don’t have the same nasty chemicals found in some baby wipes brands. Eco-friendly bath products are also less likely to contain parabens which have been found to increase the likelihood of developing an allergy, it’s a no brainer if you ask us!

Final Thoughts

The path to a greener life doesn’t have to mean completely overhauling your life. Committing to small swaps and ways to make your home more eco-friendly adds up to a big difference, and bath time is one of the best places to begin. It also enables you to teach your children about leading a more sustainable lifestyle, you can start off by simply explaining that using eco-friendly products requires much less of the planet’s resources to produce!The choices you make can help you instill social and environmental responsibility in your children from day one. This will be the stepping stone our society needs from each family who aims to have cleaner, more breathable surroundings in the future.

To find more sustainable products for your little one, check out Bundles you can rent from Y’earn, including baby bath items and so much more! Or if you have items that you no longer need you can create a listing and help your purse and the planet. 

father and son having fun during eco friendly bath time

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