Smol take eco-friendly laundry to the next level

We love smol. Enough said! Ok we’re kidding… As always, we’ll explain why we love this eco-friendly household cleaning brand. And it’s not just because their cleaning products are delivered through your letterbox.

Lots of us are trying to cut down on our use of plastic these days, especially single use plastic. But although we may try our best with food packaging, household cleaning products are often another matter, as it’s not often most of us consider eco-friendly laundry… Smol is here to change that!

In the UK, a total of 520 million shampoo bottles are thrown into landfill each year. Cleaning products in plastic bottles follow closely behind with the average household throwing out 25 spray cleaning bottles each year. It is estimated that of all the plastic waste in the country – 4.9 million tonnes to be precise – only about 31% will be recycled. 

That’s why we absolutely love smol. They’ve created a small (smol) but perfectly formed eco-friendly laundry capsule which is completely free of plastic and other chemical nasties! By choosing smol, customers are able to make a huge and positive impact with just a tiny shift. Recent life cycle analysis revealed simply swapping to smol laundry and having it delivered generates 35% less carbon emissions than the big brands. And the best part? smol can be ordered online and delivered, in plastic-free packaging, through your letterbox. 

How do smol’s eco-friendly laundry & cleaning products work?

The folks at smol have developed a range of different products for all of your eco-friendly laundry, cleaning and dishwashing needs. As well as their super-concentrated laundry capsule, they have also developed a fabric conditioner which is free of animal fat and comes in bottles made with 100\% recycled plastic. These can be recycled or returned to smol for refill (whereupon smol will donate a pack of laundry capsules to charity on your behalf). All of which means, you guessed it… reduced plastic waste. Of course it goes without saying, the smell is incredible.

If it’s dishwasher tablets you’re after, smol have a tablet that contains salt, rinse-aid and glass protector so does three jobs in one. No need for salt or rinse aid anymore! We like the reduced chemicals which still deliver clean dishes and so did BBC GOOD FOOD who voted smol dishwasher tablets the best all-round dishwasher tablet. What more could you ask for? 

And when it comes to their surface sprays – they are nothing short of genius. Instead of buying a diluted liquid product, the sprays come as a tablet which you can then dissolve into warm water at home. It works and the bottles are kept to be reused again and again! No more pointless shipping of water from place to place, pushing up our carbon emissions and clogging our roads with heavy lorries. 

With so much on offer, it’s hard to narrow down your choices, which is why we love the bundle pack which gives you one of everything. We also love that smol is our sponsor and is giving the Y’earn community a massive 25% off the (already very reasonable) price off their first paid pack if you use the code Yearn5. We’ll even chuck in a free 9-pack of laundry capsules at the same time, Perks galore!

If you’re a busy parent – which, let’s face it, we all are – smol also offers a regular delivery service. Just tell them how much you need and, as if by magic, a new box will come through your letterbox just when you need it. 

How to get the most out of your smol eco-friendly laundry products

Another reason why we love smol is they genuinely care about customers getting the best out of their products. They provide a whole host of tips and tricks on their blog on using their eco-friendly laundry & cleaning products, but here is our pick of the best: 

  • Make sure you put your eco-friendly laundry tablets into the empty machine before the washing. This ensures the capsule sits in the pooling water under the laundry and dissolves guaranteeing a good clean. Likewise, if the dishwasher tablets are getting stuck in the dispenser, just pop them in the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • If your washing is starting to smell not so fresh, you may have a build up  of bacteria in your machine. This is easily fixed – and in an eco-friendly way too! Pour two cups of white vinegar in the drawer and select your hottest wash. Just remember not to put clothes in the machine at the same time or you might smell like fish and chips for the rest of the week.
  • smol’s fabric conditioner is so effective that you only need 8ml – about 4 pumps – and your washing will smell amazing! That means one bottle lasts for ages and ages. 

Carbon footprint? What carbon footprint?

In reducing our plastic waste, the ultimate goal is to reduce our carbon footprint. smol’s statistics are pretty convincing. Not only can you cut your carbon footprint by huge percentages just by choosing smol, but so far, customers have saved over 6000 tonnes of carbon. Not bad for a company that’s only three years old! Check our blog on how to assess and offset your carbon footprint – it’s cheaper than you think!

We believe in smol and what they’re doing – and they believe in us too. We can’t think of a better partner to help us clean rental items without harming the planet. That’s why we supporting each other and are both fans of #MoreLoveLessWaste. We hope you enjoy their products as much as we do. We certainly know you’ll feel good about making a tiny change which has a big impact on the environment.

In the developed world, the carbon footprint of a child is roughly 58.6 metric tonnes annually! Once you’ve reduced your carbon footprint with smol, why not reduce it further? For example, by opting for sustainable food brands or simply rent what you need with us instead of buying? You’ll not only reduce that number even further but we even plant a tree for every customer. Y’earn is an example of another small change that can make a big difference!

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