Top Tips for an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the most special of special occasions. How can you make sure that your baby shower is an eco-friendly event? 

So you’ve been asked to organise a baby shower. Whether you are a mum-to-be or their best friend, you are on the case. Making sustainable choices can seem overwhelming at first. But follow our advice and you will have a baby shower which is sustainable, fun and often cheaper than its traditional counterpart. 

Baby showers are a great opportunity for an expectant mother to get everything she needs before life changes forever. Without careful planning, however, they can become an exercise in waste. Plastic decorations? Paper invitations? Unwanted gifts? Too often, baby showers mean more landfill leftovers. 

Here at Y’earn, we’ve come up with our top tips for an eco-friendly celebration for everyone to enjoy. No stress, no fuss, just fun!

Location, location, location

Admittedly, we might have all had enough of staying home this year, but if your friend is heavily pregnant, they might not want to trek out to a restaurant miles away from home. Home is comfortable and convenient. If they have a garden, that’s even better. Borrow some chairs and soak up the sun. 

If hosting at home is going to generate more stress, why not head out to your local park? Check out our top tips for eco-friendly picnics here. We can’t guarantee the weather, of course, but eco-friendly decorations look great against nature’s backdrop. 

Decorate, don’t saturate

Speaking of decorations, skip the balloons and paper and go for decorations with a purpose. Why not hang a washing line across the room or garden and have guests peg baby clothes to it? Get creative and get your guests involved – they will love it!

A bit of forward planning when it comes to decorations for an eco-friendly baby shower can mean that you don’t have to finish your day throwing anything in the bin. Let’s face it, that’s one of the most important aims of a sustainable baby shower. 

Paper invitations are so passé

We love receiving snail mail as much as the next person, but paper invitations do your eco credentials no favours. There are plenty of websites where you can design e-invites which can be emailed directly to guests. Or, if you are going for maximum convenience, why not design an invitation on Canva for free and share it with your friends via Whatsapp? Perfect for those busy friends who forget to check their email. 

Everybody loves games

You’ve sent out the invites and you’ve perfectly decorated your space. Now, everyone is here. So, what’s next? Games, of course! And what’s better than games? Eco-friendly games!

Providing you have a computer and some basic knowledge of PowerPoint, you can create a few games which are sure to keep everyone entertained: 

  • Ask guests to send you a baby picture in advance and create a slideshow where everyone has to guess who’s who. 
  • Get some quotes from the expectant parents and do a quiz on who said what. 
  • Do a music round where you share lyrics with the word ‘baby’ in them and ask guests to identify the song and artist. Answers can be recorded on a tablet or even just shouted out – it depends how competitive your guests are!

Baby showers are also a chance for friends of the expectant mother to share their memories and wisdom. Purchase a guestbook (made from recycled paper, of course) and ask guests to write a message for the mum-to-be. This will be a treasure for the mother to peruse in the early, heady days of motherhood.

It’s not a party without presents

We’re all grown-ups and are obviously immune to the charms of gifts… Yeah, right. An eco-friendly baby shower is the perfect chance for the mum-to-be to stock up on everything she needs for her new arrival. 

If some of your guests are parents themselves, they may want to bring hand-me-downs from their own little ones. Babies don’t need everything brand new, especially when they might only wear some outfits for a couple of weeks. 

There’s a chance that the expectant mother may have other gifts in mind. A gift registry is a great way to make sure that she gets exactly what she wants – and that things won’t go to waste. More and more green gift registries are available online, so encourage the mum-to-be to do her research. You can also check out our blog on eco-friendly gift giving!

For eco-friendly mums-to-be who are interested in what we do here at Y’earn, renting our Baby Essentials Bundle is the ideal gift. A bundle like this can be rented for six months, giving the new mother peace-of-mind as she gets to know her newborn. This is a seriously sustainable option, made even more green by the fact that Y’earn plants a tree for every new rental. Now that’s eco-friendly!

Hosting an eco-friendly baby shower doesn’t need to be a hassle. A little forward planning is all it takes to create a sustainable celebration that everyone will enjoy!

Got more tips? Why not guest write for us? We love hearing from you.

pregnant woman celebrating eco-friendly baby shower with friends

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Y’earn is a parent-to-parent marketplace to rent Baby & Kids items from people and small businesses in your community or make some cash if you have items you don't need right now. We plant 🌲 and adopt 🐝, plus give to children’s charities.

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