Sustainable Swaps for Father’s Day (UK)

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so it’s time to get your thinking cap on and find some great gifts for the special dad(s) in your life. Whether you want to show appreciation for your own dad, a dedicated spouse, or another influential father figure, try to gift something they will love and cherish.

If you’re keen to embrace a zero-waste life, you’ll know that celebrating a sustainable Father’s Day can be challenging. According to recent stats, men are much more wasteful than women when they receive an unwanted gift. Shockingly, 8.68% of men admit to throwing away unwanted presents (compared to 4.15% of women), and only 16.06% of men are prepared to donate them (compared to 26.37% of women).

With this in mind, how can you stop your gifts from ending up in landfill and teach generations of men to become sustainable dads? Don’t fret – we’ve put together a handy guide to sourcing eco-friendly gifts for dads.

Get creative

In our Guide to giving gifts in an eco-friendly way, we listed a few ideas for making your own gifts and cards. The same applies to Father’s Day, with the added caveat that you may wish to create gifts that cater for men’s interests. You could, for example, follow some of the crafty examples listed here, including a beer crate made using old wood or a hand sanitiser dispenser made using a recycled glass bottle (very appropriate in pandemic times!) Whatever you decide to make, try to use as many recycled materials as possible and personalise the gift to make your dad feel extra special.

Buy edible gifts

Stuck for inspiration? Food-related gifts nearly always go down well. Here are just a few of our favourite brands and concepts for eco friendly gifts:


WEARTH boasts a scrumptious array of sweet treats and ethical beers, all of which are sure to delight adventurous foodies. From fluffy vegan doughnuts and avocado brownies to dark lagers and hoppy IPAs, you’ll want to purchase everything on offer!

Seed kits

This is one of our favourite sustainable swaps, as it could help your dad discover a new hobby AND enjoy delicious produce. Seed kits such as this one from Sow Lush feature a wide range of vegetable seeds and contain helpful instructions to enhance the chances of growing a healthy crop. This particular set contains seeds for beetroots, sweet peppers, purple haze carrots, squash, Swiss chards and tomatoes.

Dalit spices

Is your dad a budding chef? Treat him to a Dalit spice set. Each set comes with a range of authentic spices packed in reusable jars, and every sale supports the company’s work helping street children in India. If that weren’t enough, each set comes with unique Indian recipes your dad can impress his friends with!

Buy practical gifts

The best way to avoid waste and buy a present your dad will actually use? Purchase something practical! Here are our favourite sustainable options:

Plastic-free toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes are all the rage at the moment. Help your dad stay on-trend and purchase an eco-friendly toothbrush made from biodegradable or recyclable materials. We love the selection from Peace with the Wild.  

Eco-friendly pyjamas

What man doesn’t love to relax in a pair of cosy pyjamas? Give your dad the gift of comfort with help from pyjamas brands such as By Nature.

Reusable water bottles

Does your dad still buy water bottled in plastic? Help him embrace his eco-friendly side with a reusable water bottle. We love the collection offered by One Green Bottle, as their products are sleek, cool, sturdy, and easy to wash.

Organise memberships and experiences

Many men prefer memberships and experiences to physical gifts. If your dad isn’t particularly materialistic, consider investing in the following:

Membership for an eco-friendly organisation 

If your dad is an eco-lover committed to saving wildlife, why not purchase a membership to a local wildlife trust? Perks include a regular magazine and access to events. Alternative options include the Open Spaces Society and Mossy Earth.  

Organise a day out

What better way to show your appreciation for your dad than to spend time with him? Your agenda for the day can be as slow-paced or action-packed as you like. If your dad prefers to sit and chat with a cool glass of beer, a trip to a pub or restaurant could suffice. On the other hand, he’s a bit of an adventurer, why not cycle somewhere rural or take a tour of an unfamiliar city?

If you want to pursue an adventure but lack the relevant gear, Y’earn has plenty of backpack carriers and bike trailers for rent. Don’t waste money and precious resources on new products – reach out to the Y’earn community for a fantastic Father’s Day treat!

father looking up at son who is playing with toy airplane in wheat field

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