How to incorporate World Water Day, Earth Hour & Compost week into your daily routine.

As spring arrives, we begin the annual round of sustainability awareness days and weeks. Notably World Water Day, Earth Hour, Earth Day and Compost Week. Just as it’s time for the earth to blossom, it’s also a great time for us to reflect on the ways we can give a helping hand.

World Water Day

We kick off our 2021 round of environmental awareness with World Water Day on the 22nd of March.  For the past 25 years, World Water Day has helped shine the light on our global need to ensure access for all people to safe water. 

Drought, flooding, pollution, and more lead to vast populations of people without access to safe water. World Water Day is about awareness, yes, but it is also about what we can do to help solve the problem.

Donating to organizations that help secure safe water for vulnerable populations, bringing the crisis to the forefront in discussions with friends and family, and making sure your local and national politicians know that safe water for everyone needs to be a priority are all ways to act. Learn more about this year’s themes at

Earth Hour

Perhaps not as well-known as its 24-hour sibling, Earth Hour arrives on the 27th of March and offers everyone in the world the chance to participate in healing the planet by turning off their lights for one hour beginning at 8:30 p.m. local time.

Earth Hour may feel like a symbolic gesture more than concrete action to fight climate change or improve environmental protections, and it is. But it’s also a time to reflect on and appreciate our natural world, from the soft glow of a candle. Learn how to participate in this year’s events at

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Earth Day

The most well-known environmental awareness day is undoubtedly Earth Day. Observed in 2021 on April 22nd, it’s a chance for everyone to pitch in, clean up, and take ownership of their local environment. Around the world, people unify on Earth Day to fight climate change and pollution, and to make a positive impact on the environment.

Earth Day activities range from planting a tree in your garden to world leaders signing the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016. You may choose to talk with your children about climate change or clean up a local public space.

Some people choose to celebrate Earth Day by spending time in the natural world and appreciating its beauty. Others will talk to their neighbors about taking up organic gardening. Some will give speeches and inspire others. 

Earth Day is all about action at every level, including government summits, community events, or even a simple vow to water your houseplants! Every positive action helps. Learn more at

International Compost Awareness Week

This one may be new to you, but it began back in 1995 in Canada and is usually celebrated during the first week of May each year, although this year is 15th-21st March. International Compost Awareness Week is all about education.

Events range from teaching about the benefits of compost to the soil to showing how to use a home composter to create a healthier and more vibrant garden.

The goal of promoting and teaching about composting on levels large and small drives this international campaign and each year has a special theme. Always at the forefront is increasing understanding of how composting helps the soil and the environment. You can learn more about this year’s events at

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Making Every Day Earth Day

We appreciate these special days that celebrate our natural world and bring awareness to the challenges we face at home and globally. Ideally they help us make a concerted effort to treat every day as an all-encompassing Earth Day.

Spring is not the only season for environmental conservation, preservation, and action. Throughout the year there are opportunities to reduce waste, increase our use of products that are sustainably sourced and made, and generally pay more attention to the impact of our actions on our planet. 

How you can help

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Being mindful as we go about our regular days is the surest way to invest in real change. We owe it to our children to make sure we do what we can throughout the year to make sure that they have a bright, sustainable future. 

An easy way you can do this is to buy less – Y’earn is here to help you! Instead of buying everything for your baby’s nursery, or to keep your toddler safe around the home or when you’re traveling with your child, you can now rent it. This small change will mitigate CO2 from production, packaging and delivery while giving money back to a local family. 

Y’earn handles the pick up, cleaning and even provides a guarantee. Rent multiple items in a Bundle to save time and money:

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Y'earn Baby & Kids

Y’earn is a parent-to-parent marketplace to rent Baby & Kids items from people and small businesses in your community or make some cash if you have items you don't need right now. We plant 🌲 and adopt 🐝, plus give to children’s charities.

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