Y’earn to Give back – Our Impact in February (A Business Giving Back)

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For those who are new to our community, welcome!

We’re so excited that you’re here and that Y’earn is open for business! When I decided to build a parent-to-parent marketplace in 2020 I knew it was going to take some time for three key reasons:  

Building a tech platform is hard work! 

Think of us like Airbnb for Baby & Kids items and then think of all the items, details you’d want to know and the interactions between you, the other person and Y’earn. It took time, but it’s going to be so worth it.

Giving back is core to who we are 

We did the opposite of what most companies do: we designed and built our business to give back to the planet and communities from Day 1. We all love a business giving back. So, we are ‘Walking the walk’ and have made it easy for parents to donate time, money and goods. Visualising the positive impact we could create, together, pushed me through the long days and nights to get us here..


Covid was a major problem for many small businesses. Ours has not been the exception that proved the rule! However, we think a marketplace that helps parents save or make money, while helping their community and the planet is more relevant than ever. We’re lucky that restrictions are easing as we’re ready to start operating. These are hard times for a business giving back.

To hold us accountable I will be sharing our impact every month. You can read about the trees we planted and the money we raised for Great Ormond Street Hospital in January here

February was a quiet month on the Give Back front aside from our regular tree planting – which is still a big deal! So what I want to share are the ways we will donate to children’s charities now that we’re open for business. 

Whenever you create a listing or rent, you will see a one-click donation button for a one-off or monthly payment. You can donate to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Baby Basics Baby Banks or Child Rescue Coalition – we will match up to 5% (we’re growing and hope to donate more soon!). We will also be donating time when our charity partners start hosting events, as well as donating items that cannot be rented through Y’earn ie clothes and toys. 

So if you’re looking to save or make money on baby & kids items, while helping local families and charities then start Y’earning! We look forward to you being part of this journey and to your kindness and generosity. Learn more about the charities we support here.

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If this is your first visit, hello, let us introduce ourselves. Y’earn is a parent-to-parent marketplace to rent Baby & Kids items from people in your community or make some cash if you have items you don’t need right now. We’re a sustainable business that plants 🌲, adopt 🐝 and donates to children’s charities.  We’re helping each other and the planet, one rental at a time.

You can read more about how Y’earn works here

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Y'earn Baby & Kids

Y’earn is a parent-to-parent marketplace to rent Baby & Kids items from people and small businesses in your community or make some cash if you have items you don't need right now. We plant 🌲 and adopt 🐝, plus give to children’s charities.

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