Sustainable brands for children’s wet and cold weather clothes.

The cost of winter clothing for babies, toddlers, and young children quickly adds up! This is in part because quality winter clothes aren’t cheap, and young children quickly outgrow their clothes. So what are the best options for sustainable children’s clothes for wet and cold weather?

When looking for sustainable children’s clothes for wet and cold weather, if you’re in luck, you can use hand-me-downs or find these clothes at charity shops and marketplaces for a major discount. Some parents even shop for winter clothes in the off-season so they can take advantage of clearance prices, but their child may not fit into them because guessing a child’s future size is a challenge in and of itself. 

Additionally, many children’s clothing options contribute to pollution and clothing waste. It doesn’t have to be this way. More and more winter clothing brands are focusing on sustainable practices and textiles so your child can stay warm and dry—all at an affordable price. 

At Y’earn, we love to keep up with the latest eco-friendly options and help parents make sustainable choices. We look at brands of clothing that focus on decreasing their carbon footprint so you won’t have to add another thing to your busy to-do list. Whatever the weather, here are favourite brands that will keep your child warm, dry, and happy.  

Girl and boy playing outdoors in brightly coloured wet weather clothes. Yellow or striped raincoats, waterproof dungarees, wellies

Wellies, rain & snow boots

Wellington boots, or rain boots, make it easy for kids to play with puddles without catching a cold. Many wellies are made with synthetic low-quality materials that are easily damaged and have large carbon footprint. But if you’re looking for sustainable children’s clothes and shoes for wet and cold weather… A more eco-friendly option is to look for wellies made of rubber, containing cotton lining, and that are PVC-free. 

Snow boots are heavier-duty than wellies, and they can look quite similar. Snow boots are waterproof, usually insulated, and often have adjustable straps. Like wellies, you can find plastic-free snow boots, and they are often made with recycled textiles as well. 

Vivobarefoot. Focused on ensuring shoes allow your foot to move as naturally as possible, Vivobarefoot uses less padding while focusing on minimalist designs. The company makes waterproof boots that are perfect for snowy weather, all while using natural, recycled, and biosynthetic materials. These shoes will keep your child dry and comfortable without breaking the bank or the planet. 

Aigle. Since 1853, Aigle has been making wellies and rain boots out of organic rubber, which is much better for the environment than synthetic plastics that are often low-quality. Aigle makes great waterproof boots and trains its bootmakers for up to two years just to make one of their shoes! The company checks every boot to ensure it’s actually waterproof. Their colourful fur lined snow boots are perfect for the UK or apres-ski! They also offer raincoats, face coverings, and parkas. 

Ever Creatures Handmade Wellies. Ever Creatures is committed to making eco-friendly and sustainable products for people of all ages. Though the brand does offer a few PVC boots, their selection of quality rubber wellies fits every style. The majority of choice is for adults, with different lengths: ankle, tall, and short, but there are option for children too.

Red children's wellington boots and purple snow boots with fur lining
Image source Aigle

Raincoats, parks and puffas

Older children are better able to maneuver the rain and snow, but a nice comfortable raincoat will help them avoid a draft. Thanks to inventiveness and the demand for sustainable children’s clothing for wet and cold weather, some brands now sell raincoats made with recycled bottles or fabrics without sacrificing comfort, style, or affordability.

Töastie | Tiny Explorer. The founders and designers of Töastie | Tiny Explorer created their brand to help children have clothes appropriate for all weather and seasons, while also using sustainable practices and offering a variety of styles. They offer puffers, onesies, gilets, raincoats, and parkas designed for comfort. Of course, the brand has thought things through and also includes other accessories, such as backpacks, sunglasses, and ski goggles your toddler or child might need to be protected from the elements while continuing to play outside. 

Puddle suits & snowsuits

Waterproof puddle suits are a necessity in Blighty! Zip the kids up for a wet walk in the woods with wellies (say that after a few drinks!) or over their school uniform if it’s a rainy morning. When looking at sustainable children’s clothes for wet and cold weather, snowsuits are obviously designed for when it’s colder – snow is optional! Look for suits with velcro or elastic adjustable cuffs and stirrups that prevent trousers from riding up. 

Dinoski. Created with a mission to encourage roarsome mini adventures by providing kids with clothing which will get them excited to explore the outdoors, Dinoski offer an incredible range of puddle and snow suits. Snowsuits are made from recycled plastic bottles and are 100% waterproof, they can even keep little ones toastie warm in temperatures as extreme as -20C! If that’s not enough eco credentials – they even plant a tree for every snowsuit purchased. What we really can’t get over is the gorgeous designs which are certain to get your child excited and inspired to play outside. They may not be the cheapest option but they’re built to last and take our planet into consideration, something we should all factor when buying new stuff. Dinoski also offer pre-loved suits on their site at a discounted price, because lets face it, kids outgrow things in no time and there’s no reason why items shouldn’t be passed on.


Frugi. With clothes made with organic cotton, and outerwear made of recycled plastic bottles, Frugi is on a mission to show parents their children can look cute, stay dry, and wear clothes that don’t harm the planet. Frugi works with a network of farmers to produce organic cotton, and has a dazzling array of baby and toddler wellies, coats, snuggle suits and waterproof jackets with fun designs your child will love. They even make ski salopettes and a catalogue of wellie liners, laundry bags that prevent you from losing your young child’s tiny clothes, and a line of clothing for adults too!

Trousers, dungarees and salopettes

If your child is older or potty training, then separate trousers and jackets are the way to go. Some parents prefer this to all-in-ones as it’s easier to layer up and down after you’ve left the house. You can also check your child’s temperature on their tummy – which is better than a frosty forehead!

Polarn O. Pyret. With a wide selection of trousers, salopettes, and dungarees made with organic cotton or recycled inner lining, your child will look and feel great in the winter time. 

Child wearing wool knitted hat, scarf, mittens and leggings
Photo source Mabli

Hats, scarves, gloves and mittens

The final touch on a rainy or snow-filled day! Nothing is better for a child than walking out of the house with a cozy set of gloves, hat, and scarf to keep them warm and toasty. 

Little Hotdog Watson was created by a mum who was frustrated by hats for her daughter to use on holiday. They have gender neutral prints year-round adventures. ‘Sun hats that protect from UV, Mosquitoes and Overheating. While our winter hats are water-resistant, reflective and extra warm.’

Mabli. Also created by a mum, who wanted to provide soft, fair-trade knitwear, Mabli offers a fine array of hats, bonnets, scarves, and gloves that are produced slowly and use ethically sourced, sustainable materials. They also sell blankets, sweaters, leggings and leg warmers, as well as beautiful knitted rompers, skirts and dresses. We love their vintage look and that they incorporate Welsh tapestry blanket patterns. 

At Y’earn, we know the importance of keeping your child warm, comfortable, and dry during the cold winter months. Although we don’t rent clothes, parents can sell the items we’ve mentioned in this article alongside their rental. Learn more here. You can also take a peak at our article all about our favourite sustainable children’s clothes brands!

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