Be a Y’earn Ambassador – Help grow this community and be crowned Queen Bee of your hive!

We all have the power to make small changes that have a big impact. Y’earn is looking for people to take that impact and grow it exponentially by becoming a Y’earn Ambassador. You’ll be rewarded – on so many levels!

We’ve been thinking about how similar bees are to parents. 

  • They work together for the collective good of their hive/community. 
  • They’re a symbol of hard work, celebration, dedication and sucking it up – whether that’s enjoying the nectar of life or sometimes the opposite! 
  • There’s a queen bee in every hive/household overseeing the worker bees – the kids and usually the other half or extended family! 

So we thought it fitting that Y’earn Ambassadors should be called Queen Bees. They help families, communities, and Mother Nature simply by sharing nectar/info as the buzz about their day to day. They can even earn while doing it!

Seems like a good deal? Because it is! 

We’re making parents and kids happy, while helping the planet!

Y’earn is a new sustainable business that helps parents rent Baby & Kids items from people in their local community or make money if they have items they don’t need. Our community is made up of: 

  • EARNERS (people that make money from items) Whether they need the money, space or want to help others less fortunate, they can rent items for as long as they like, and then decide to sell, donate to charity, or have them returned before their next child needs them.
  • YEARNERS (people that want items) can focus on creating important memories with their children without spending endless hours researching and shopping for everything that they need. Whether they rent short-term or long-term they can save cash and help Mother Nature.

Y’earn takes care of the logistics – cleaning, delivery and we provide a guarantee, so we all have peace of mind. 

We’re also passionate about giving back. We plant a tree for each family’s first rental and adopt a bee if they refer us. We also make it easy for our community to donate time, money and goods to the children’s charities we support. Convinced to become a Y’earn Ambassador yet?

Queen Bee Ambassadors Rewards

We want to help as many families as possible and this is where you, the Queen Bee Ambassadors, come in! Spreading the lovely word about Y’earn will help parents save or make money, make kids happy, help us to give more to charity, and yes, help the planet! Isn’t that a treat?

But the rewards don’t end there. As a Queen Bee Y’earn Ambassador, you also get: 

  • A certificate of a queen bee adopted under your name, and you can name it, too!
  • £2.50 each time your referral code is used for a rental (that’s £5 if both parties do!)
  • A small gift every three months – you can pick from a selection.
  • The chance to be crowned Queen Bee of your hive (borough) and be gifted a bee necklace (or a gift of your choice if that’s not your thing).  
  • To feel great about being integral to this sustainable business and community.

What do Y’earn Queen Bees do?

We know that you’re a busy bee (Ok, we’ll stop with bee jokes!) so we’ve kept it to 3 simple things: 

  • 1 x Tag a picture or video each month with #yearnhive
  • 2 x Share our content each month (a story, blog, invite to a Live – you pick!)
  • 3 x Like or comment on a post each week

If you are ready to take your crown, join our Facebook Group and I’ll be there to greet you.

Check out some of our recent blogs to help you live sustainably. For example, we have a series on how to live with More Love Less Waste. If you’re looking for something more specific, check out our guide on getting into refilling and reusing.

Photo & signature of Y'earn CEO & founder Carley Read

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Y'earn Baby & Kids

Y’earn is a parent-to-parent marketplace to rent Baby & Kids items from people and small businesses in your community or make some cash if you have items you don't need right now. We plant 🌲 and adopt 🐝, plus give to children’s charities.

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