Decorating your baby’s Nursery: The classic styles and new trends for 2021

Nursery decoration can be tough. We’ll help you choose a look, plan your layout and factor sustainable choices when creating your dream nursery.

Having a beautiful nursery is at the top of every new parent’s list. Being able to bond with your baby in a blissful, calming space is one of the best parts of that sweet newborn phase. And while some baby nursery items have been staples forever — cribs, rockers, mobiles, changing tables— many new must-haves have also popped up over the years! 

It can be a bit overwhelming for parents to separate the wants from the needs, and the trends from the classics. It can be difficult to know where to start with nursery decoration. Not to mention, the cost of all of these items can quickly spiral out of control. Especially if you consider the very short amount of time they’ll be in use. But it’s vital to create the eco-friendly home of your dreams.

But now, a new trend toward sustainable products and design is also emerging! Parents are opting for natural products vs. plastic items, often produced locally to mitigate their carbon footprint from transporting goods from abroad. This shift towards sustainable parenting is why Y’earn was created. We’re a parent-to-parent marketplace to rent baby and kids items from people and small businesses in your community, or to make some cash if you have items you don’t need right now. 

We can talk more about ourselves later. For now, let’s look at some other classic and soon-to-be classic nursery trends and nursey decoration that are hot right now.


Image Source: Etsy Hickory Hollow Designs

If you plan to design a neutral nursery, you can be assured it will never date. Creams, pastels and bold colours are often chosen by parents who want the gender of their child to be a surprise upon the baby’s arrival. Neutrals have remained in style for years, and we don’t expect that trend to end anytime soon!  Plus, you can reuse items regardless of gender if you have another child, and that’s a double win!

Themes that don’t date

Image source Etsy

There are nursery themes that simply don’t age. Winnie the Pooh, Zoo or farm animals, Forest, Mountain or Nautical nurseries are all themes we’ve seen time and time again over the years. While some of the colours or styles may change, these themes will be around for decades to come. An easy nursery decoration.

Monochrome Nurseries

Image source Mattress Firm

Although black and white is always classic, the emergence of monochrome nurseries is a relatively new (but gorgeous) trend! This look is great if you want to continue to use your furniture when your baby becomes a toddler. It can even work for kids and teenagers with the right accessories!

Boho Nurseries

Image source DecorPad

We saw a huge explosion of boho chic nurseries in 2020. This light, airy nursery feel works great for both genders and captures the whimsical vibe of childhood.

Scandinavian Nursery Decoration

Image source Wayfair

For those who are into minimalism, Scandinavian nurseries are a perfect fit. These simple, beautiful and functional nurseries give off a hygge yet clean feeling without sacrificing style.

Rattan and Cane

Image source Sacred Bundle

Rattan and cane has made something of a big comeback this past year! The 70’s vibe of rattan and cane has been replaced with more of an earthy/nature feel. It also goes really well with the popular floral and leaf wallpaper and prints we’ve been seeing quite a bit of.

Statement Walls

Image source Digs Digs

Whether it’s a solid blue wall, rainbow wallpaper, or neon personalised sign, statement walls have been a go-to for parents this past year! We love the uniqueness that it brings to each nursery. This one might be here to stay.

Tips for Your Own Nursery Decoration

When baby arrives, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy! So, make sure your nursery is set up for maximum functionality as well as style. 

A great nursery for an eco-friendly home should include of space for all of the following:

  • Sleep (to state the obvious!)
  • Feeding (at least while your baby is breast or bottle feeding)
  • Changing (you’ll want all items within arm’s reach, but not the reach of little hands!)
  • Playing (create an area to play and learn if you have space)
  • Storage (children need a lot of stuff, don’t forget toys/teddies and books)

Because the options on products for your nursery can be so overwhelming, it’s a good idea to make a list with three columns: Wants, needs, and maybes. Nursery decoration just has too many options.

Some items have proven their worth over-time as must-haves like baby mobiles. Other products have become smash hits for a reason, like the Mella baby clock. Or simply a new fad, like changing baskets instead of tables. So, browse through both old and new to find products for your eco-friendly home! 

If the choice of options feels overwhelming, Y’earn can help! Simply pick a room designed by a children’s small business or a local parent (whose child has outgrown it), then rent as much or as little of the room as you need. 

You’ll save time and money, while simultaneously helping the environment. So, not only will your nursery look great, but you will feel great too!

What about decorating other rooms for your kids? Well check out our tips on designing a great fun and sustainable playroom. Or, boys nursery and bedroom styles for 2022.

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We nearly forgot! We promised to tell you a little more about the community we’re building that helps each other, charities and Mother Nature: 

Whether you’re a Yearner (parents that want items) or an Earner (people that make money from items) we make life a little easier. Visit us to search or create a listing for one of our categories:

  • Bedroom & nursery – furniture, decorative items, soft furnishings and electronics.
  • Feeding – highchairs, dining chairs and tables, to breast pumps.
  • Around the home – bouncers, stair gates and playmats etc.
  • Out & About – from the obvious prams and car seats to bike attachment seats & trailers.
  • Musical instruments and toys – rent from stores only at the moment, not parent-to-parent.

Read more about how Y’earn works here

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Y’earn is a parent-to-parent marketplace to rent Baby & Kids items from people and small businesses in your community or make some cash if you have items you don't need right now. We plant 🌲 and adopt 🐝, plus give to children’s charities.

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